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This project is in the charge of Research Center for Analysis and Application of Information Resources,Zhejiang University . Based on current situation of and research about worldwide think tanks, the project team compares different think tanks according to their indicator system and their influence, builds systematic evaluation indicators, collects numerous factual data, performs modeling calculations, carries out data collection and intelligence analysis, and achieve quantitative ranking.


Non-profit institutions and organizations, which have independent knowledge products through research and analysis, offer consultation on public policy and strategic issues, and optimize decision-making.

Evaluation Principle

Objectivity — All data sources are based on the data released by think tanks, or publicized data from third-parties, anyone can get it through public channel.

Worldwide — The evaluation object is think tanks around the world, And the evaluation indicators are based on the common characteristics of think tanks around the world.

Transparency — The evaluation process is open and transparent.

Reproducibility — Results based on the indicators can be repeated and tested.